Global Payment Hub

Securely manage all of your employee payments using a single integrated environment.

Global Payment Hub

Global Payment Hub

Employee payments made simple

One place to initiate any employee, contractor or statutory payment. Global Payment Hub makes multiple payments simple, whether you are paying salaries, pensions, expenses, allowances, bonuses or any other payment. Let the Global Payment Hub generate compatible payment files for upload to your banking or payment service.

Choice of payments

User defined payment types and configurations.

Simplify treasury management by batching payees into payment groups, storing individuals bank details and payment preferences. With an intuitive and flexible tool you can upload values for any payment type. Use the payment configurator to easily specify source bank accounts and make your local or global payments.

Easy maintenance

Current bank details

Receive bank account updates from the authoritative source such as HCM, administrators,  employees or external services. Effective dates ensure the most recent account details are always used for payments.

Payment Flexibility

Tailored to each employee

Supporting any country our system holds the banking identification information required for every jurisdiction. Employee payment preferences include options for split payments, fixed exchange rates, instructed and equivalent amounts.

Safe and Secure

ISO 27001 accredited

Keeping your employees bank details and payments safe. Governed by strict user privileges and role segregation, isolating payee’s account management and payment file creation. Recording the history of each and every payment and payment file creation, permanent audit logs allows traceability of all updates.

Payment Channels

Payment Channels

Supporting all banking protocols

The payment channel is influenced by your funding model, treasury management and payment approval processes. The Global Payroll Hub provides flexibility to choose the financial institution and payment type by payroll or payment group. Storing all of the employee personal identification information along with address and bank details to deliver your payments through your chosen channel.

Salary Payments

Single Platform

Global Management

Maximise the value from your payment partner

Maximise the value from your payment partner

Working with trusted payment partners

Customisable reporting to optimise funding

Collating your payment values

Handling complexity without manual intervention

Employee validation of bank details

Safe and secure

Future proofing as the industry transitions to ISO 20022

No time to waste, start benefitting from the global payroll hub

Salary payments do not need to be costly

Employee costs are a significant proportion of your business turnover, we focus on secure, timely and cost effective processing of employee related payments.

Investigate the options and capabilities of the global payment hub. See how this solution can benefit your treasury and finance team whilst improving your employee’s satisfaction.

Delivering Results

A rapid return on your investment

Global Payment Hub is a secure enterprise grade application with minimal implementation costs allowing you and your organisation to start and quickly scale to meet all of your employee payment requirements. Find out how we can facilitate your payments, contact us.